I don't know about you guys, but I love zapier. Things that would take me a decent amount of time to code, I can do in minutes using zapier.

So here is a quick guide on how to import a list into a webinarjam.

Step 1 - Gather needed info

  1. Select the Webinar
  2. Select the scheduled number.
  3. Write down this number (ex: c09247260c). This is your webinar_id
  4. Write down this number. This is your schedule number.

Step 2 - Create google sheet to add list too

1. Create a google sheet, named whatever you want.
2. Add 2 columns (more if you want phone, IP, etc... See webinarjam api docs).

Don't add your list to this sheet yet. Just add 1 test person to the first row. This is just so we don't screw anything up.

Step 3 - Create google sheet to add list too

1. Trigger based on new sheet row
2. Webhook post
3. verify google sheets account
4. Select the sheet you just made
5. Select the sheet number
6. Add webinar jam api url for registering new attendees
7. select form type
8. Webinar ID is what you wrote down from webinarjam's analytics page.
9. Get this from webinar jam, google for documentation on where to find it.
10. Add the fields from the google sheet. The "key" field (first one. needs to be one that matches the api docs.
11. See 10 above.
12. This is the schedule number from the analytics page on webinarjam
13. test it out!!

Step 4 - Add leads, wait and import

Now all you have to so is enable the zap, add your leads to the google sheet, and wait (or run the zap manaully). The contacts will get added to your webinar!