Watch this video:

Its not perfect... but it will help

I used namecheap as my dynamic DNS provider. You can enable it on a domain by going to Manage Domains > (click your domain) > Dynamic DNS (bottom left). You can use a subdomain, so don't worry about enabling it for the whole domain.

I created a subdomain called

What I installed:

apt-get install ddclient libio-socket-ssl-perl

What files I editied:

nano /etc/ddclient.conf

Here is what my working file looks like:

# Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf
# /etc/ddclient.conf


Explaination of the config file

  • the use=web, line makes it look at that url to get my ip. When you first install ddclient, it sets the use= line to use the ethernet device, which you probably don't want to do.
  • the very last line is the sub domain I want to use. My domain will be
  • if you want to use the regular domain, change the dyn to @.

Test the config:

Simply run: ddclient
Then check to see if the IP was changed.

other references:

Other files to look at:

nano /etc/default/ddclient # this looks like the youtube video by default